This includes fissure sealants for children, recommendations to see our hygienists for oral hygiene advice and scale and polish treatments, decay detection and mouth cancer screening services.


Dental Implants the usually the best way of replacing lost teeth. By affixing an implant at the site of the lost tooth, we can provide a permanent restoration with an extremely good long-term prognosis. If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to smile again with confidence, then dental implants are probably the answer


We can provide an extensive range of cosmetic dental treatments including white fillings, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges to create the perfect smile makeover.

You can use our link to the British Dental Health Foundation to access good information about various types of treatment.


We provide a full range of restorative dental treatments such as white fillings crowns, veneers, bridges, and adhesive dentistry. We do not provide amalgam/mercury fillings.

You can use our link to the British Dental Health Foundation to access good information about various types of treatment.

When appropriate, we might suggest utilising the help of a local specialist whose specific skills we know, respect and could recommend.


Our dental hygienists are experts in their field who can help you achieve a consistently high standard of oral health by ensuring you are given effective oral hygiene advice and thorough but gentle scale and polish treatments.

If you have never seen a hygienist before, the dentist might advise you to book a double appointment with Wendy or Kirsty as an initial visit – there might be a lot for her to do, you may have many questions, and the hygienist will be aiming to answer these questions, thus arming you with the knowledge needed to restore your mouth to good oral health.

We have two dental hygienists, who are available four days a week. We also offer additional Monday evening hygienist sessions for those preferring later appointments.


Most adults have teeth that are suitable for whitening, but this needs to be assessed by a dentist before treatment. (Examples of teeth that may not be suitable include those that have had unusual surface stains/markings since childhood, and teeth with a history of very significant sensitivity). Teeth naturally vary from person to person, so some patients will see rapid results, whilst others may need longer to achieve the desired outcome.

Home whitening treatment allows control of the final result by the patient, and provides a long-term improvement which can be easily maintained. Custom-made whitening trays, which are small and well tolerated by most patients, hold the whitening gel against the surface of the teeth, and are usually worn overnight for 7 – 10 nights, though it is possible to achieve good results by wearing the trays for a couple of hours during the day if preferred. Our tooth whitening gel is imported from the USA. In America many patients routinely use this product for several weeks to achieve some white results – you do not have to go to this extreme, but it is reassuring to know that the gel is very safe to use.


If you let us know where your fear stems from we can slowly build your confidence in treatment procedures. There has always been a sign outside our premises which includes the subtle statement – “cowards welcome” – and we mean it !

Fee Guide

A new adult-patient consultation costs £60.00, including any X-Rays that might be required. Thereafter, routine check-ups are just £24.00. Tooth-coloured fillings – £48.00 to £120.00  (sometimes less, if multiple fillings are provided at one visit). Hygienist appointments are £50.00 per half hour.

We have a small NHS contract which has been overly full for quite some time, and this is not likely to change in the near future.   But we try very hard to accommodate any children as new patients, and we do not charge for routine dental treatment for children under 18, whether we can find a way to see them in our NHS contract or not.

For more information on the dentistry treatments that are available, please visit the Dental Health website – click here.

Skillfully treating patients, as we would treat our family and friends.

Please feel free to contact us for information on any dental issue that you may have.