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Can a dentist in Tunbridge Wells cure my gum disease?

24 March 2022


Gum disease is far, far more common than people realise. It’s been reported that over half of over thirties have some form of gum disease and yet it still carries shame and stigma. Here at Woodbury Park Dental, we want to reassure all our patients that a visit to your dentist in Tunbridge Wells could be the first steps to getting your gum health back on track.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by plaque which is essentially bacteria that builds up and solidifies around your teeth and gums.

When you don’t clean around your teeth correctly, bacteria and food debris starts to build up. As time passes, the bacteria develops and grows and forms solid structures. The body’s natural reaction to this is to send an inflammatory reaction which sends lots of blood to the infected area. This is why gums become puffy, red and swollen. In addition to this, the gum can eventually start to move away from the infection which results in pockets. Pockets allow dead space where bacteria can move underneath the gum and that’s when even more issues occur.

What are the signs I have?

Gum disease is silent and often not obviously visible early on. It typically doesn’t cause pain so often goes untreated for a long time. Here are some signs you could have it:

Bleeding gums – healthy gums do not bleed. When there is blood it means there is inflammation which usually means there is some sort of issue with the gums. You won’t always notice blood from brushing, but if you see blood when flossing or using an interdental brush then maybe that could be cause to contact a dentist in Tunbridge Wells.

Bad breath – gum disease is the most common cause of bad breath. Lots of nasty bacteria which is sitting around your teeth will cause volatile sulphur to be excreted. This will cause the smell.

Other signs include: loose teeth, drifting teeth, gum recession and abscesses.

How do I cure gum disease?

Firstly, come and see us at the practice to get your full check up done. We will tell you if you need to worry about your gums. If you do have gum disease, your dentist in Tunbridge Wells might recommend you for a hygienist appointment. The dental hygienist can give your teeth a super deep clean and also talk you through good oral hygiene routines.

The thing with curing gum disease is that lots of the work has to come from you. Making sure you are not only brushing a minimum of twice daily is absolutely non-negotiable. You should also seriously think about investing in interdental brushes – small bristle head brushes that get between the teeth and a good quality dental floss. Finding a way to get to those hard to reach spots is really important and will make all the difference long term!

Gum disease if left untreated can leave terrible damage and tooth loss, and so it’s best to get on top of the problem as soon as you can. Call the practice for further information and any queries you have, and one of our team will be able to point you in the right direction of care.

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