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Dental implants Tunbridge Wells replacing lost teeth!

14 December 2022


Losing a tooth or a few teeth can be caused by an accident or poor oral hygiene. Whatever the reason, our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you to replace those lost teeth. Dental implants Tunbridge Wells has benefitted from over seven decades of development of the procedure and techniques. The procedure has been perfected to such a high level with the aid of dental science and technology.

Improving procedures

Even though implantology has developed to such a high level the dental industry is not standing still. The latest scanning equipment provides us with such high-quality, clear images that we can produce a comprehensive 3D view of the inside of your mouth. We can view the location of a patient’s nerves and sinus cavities as well as the quality and density of your jawbone. This is an invaluable aid that allows us to design a personal treatment plan based on an accurate diagnosis. Selecting the correct and most suitable dental implants Tunbridge Wells can be done using computer software. A personalised surgical guide can be created using this software, and we can also determine the exact location, angle and depth of the dental implants Tunbridge Wells. The correct positioning of the implant is vital to ensure that your bite operates as efficiently as possible and lasts for your lifetime.

Dentures and bridges replaced

The choice to have a bridge or dentures is always the preserve of the patient; however, as tooth replacement evolves dental implants are the way forward. Because dental implants mimic the way that nature works by using a root to secure your tooth in your jawbone, the result is a more stable and permanent replacement. We are able to replace a single tooth or up to four teeth in a row all secured by a single implant. If it is necessary to replace a full set of teeth, we can use just four dental implants.

Jawbone density

When you lose teeth, that area of your face will slowly appear sunken because your jawbone is gradually deteriorating. So not only has a tooth been lost, but your facial appearance will change over time. As dental implants have become the go-to alternative for lost teeth, so has the procedure of bone augmentation developed. To perform implantation, it is necessary to have sufficient jawbone density to support the implant. The advances in bone grafting have now made it possible for many patients who were not previously eligible to have an implant to have one now.

High success rate

We pride ourselves on our very high dental implant success rate of 99% based on over 2,000 implants. The correct care and attention of your teeth and implants will allow them to last for your lifetime. We encourage all those who have lost a tooth or teeth and those who have a bridge or dentures to give us a call. Let us give you a thorough examination and see whether you can benefit from a dental implant.

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