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Our dentist and the advantages of dental implants

23 December 2021


Do you have a gap in your teeth that you want rid of, but aren’t sure about the advantages of the ever-popular dental implant?

At Woodbury Park Dental, our dentist in Tunbridge Wells knows how beneficial dental implants can be and would be happy to discuss suitability and advantages with you.

But to save some time, our dentist in Tunbridge Wells discusses some of the advantages of having dental implants fitted here, so read on and enjoy!

Improved speech

While you may not notice, your teeth have a significant role in how you pronounce words and your general speech.

And if you wear dentures, the unpredictable nature of them moving can impact how you talk. When our dentist in Tunbridge Wells fits you with dental implants, they are securely in place, allowing you to relax certain facial muscles and speak without worries about movement.

Over time, your tongue will adapt and any speech impediments that you may have should reduce, allowing you to have clearer speech and pronunciation. Great!


As we mentioned before, having teeth that move when you eat, speak or laugh is hard to live with.

And so, one of the key benefits of dental implants fitted is that they don’t move, allowing you to eat any harder foods that you want to without having any impact on your diet. This can lead to an improved diet overall, as many healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits, are typically excluded from the diets of people who have had restoratives such as dentures, due to their instability and issues surrounding denture glue.

If you feel at any point that your implants are moving, please contact our team for a check-up.

Better oral health

You may be confused as to how having an absence of teeth can lead to worsening dental health.

In simple terms, if you have missing teeth, the surrounding teeth and the gap itself are more likely to attract plaque, due to a buildup of bacteria and a lack of brushing in these spots. Ergo, you may run a higher risk of developing gum disease or tooth decay.

By having the gaps fitted by oral implants, you can prevent this and, as you will need to brush your dental implants each day to keep them healthy, your dental health is more likely to improve. Great!

Better physical health

Following on from the former point, it is highly likely that if you have missing teeth that your physical health will be impacted too.

Why? Because excess plaque in the mouth often equates to inflamed gums, which can allow plaque into the bloodstream. This occurrence has been linked to things such as cardiovascular disease, an increased risk of having a stroke, having a heart attack and even developing cancer.

With fewer gaps in your mouth, you are likely to have less plaque and as a result, your physical health will probably improve vastly. Great!

Economically smart

Many patients are confused by the prospect that dental implants can save money in the long term.

However, if you factor in things such as paying for fillings, crowns, extractions and orthodontic work that can be needed after teeth removal, they can be relatively cheap! For more information on how much having oral implants will cost, please talk to our team at Woodbury Park Dental.

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