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Our dentist in Tunbridge Wells, happy to help rectify neglected dental care

12 September 2022


The twenty-first century brings with it unprecedented pressures and time constraints. At Woodbury Park Dental we recognise this and welcome patients who may have let their dental regime go on a sabbatical. Sometimes before you can get around to taking care of your teeth, you may find that you need more help than you thought. As a progressive dentist in Tunbridge Wells we have seen this problem occur many times, we are not here to judge you but rather to help you get back on track.

Book from anywhere

If you need a dentist in Tunbridge Wells we have made making an appointment even easier, you can make an appointment online, quickly. Just like you, we have embraced technology and using the latest equipment, techniques, software and hardware we are able to offer you a dental service fit for the twenty-first century.

Prevention by education

Preventive dentistry is undoubtedly the best way to ensure that your teeth serve you for your lifetime. Education is the first step in preventive dentistry and reducing the number of visits to the dental surgery can be achieved. As your dentist in Tunbridge Wells we will help you to design a dental maintenance regime that fits in with your lifestyle. We will help you select a toothbrush that is not too hard for your teeth and gums, as well as a suitable toothpaste. It is important to fit in brushing at least twice a day and twice yearly dental surgery visits. The duration of your dental appointment is directly proportional to how well you are sticking to your dental regime. If you have children we recommend that you bring them into the surgery as young as possible. Don’t worry about child care. Our friendly, helpful staff will take care of your children regardless of their age. You will be doing them a favour by bringing them in with you, because they will take comfort in seeing you come into the surgery and they will become relaxed in the environment. When their turn comes to have a dental examination they will be less likely to suffer from dental anxiety because you have helped them to get used to the practice.

Building a relationship

Community dentistry involves building a relationship with you so that we can discuss oral health conditions and treatments in a candid manner. Your oral health is our main priority and once we have established that, we will happily provide you with cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments. A solid trusting relationship will benefit you because you will be able to let us know what you expect from us. We are all part of your team and when we provide you with any dental service that treatment is delivered to the highest level that we are able to achieve. It does not matter if it is teeth whitening or dental implants, we always strive to ensure that your expectations are met.

Additional pampering

Some patients prefer to reduce the signs of ageing and where better to have that treatment than with someone you already have a trusting relationship with. As dentists we have a thorough knowledge of your head, neck and shoulders, your bones, muscles and skin. We are used to delivering injections and therefore we are admirably suited to deliver non surgical, anti-ageing treatments in a professional and sterile environment such as our treatment rooms.

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