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Recovery after dental implants

12 April 2023


Dental implants in Tunbridge Wells at first glance can feel like a big step and you’d be right in feeling that way. However, it’s a surgery that is literally capable of changing your life which is why we, the team here at Woodbury Park Dental, think they are more than worth the investment. One of the most important things to be thinking about when it comes to dental implants in Tunbridge Wells is the recovery and so today we’re going to be talking about all the things you can do to make that recovery go as smoothly as possible.

What are dental implants in Tunbridge Wells?

Dental implants are a two-part screw and anchor system that is surgically placed into the jaw of the patient. In the vast majority of cases they are made from titanium as this is found to naturally bond in the body and is therefore less likely to be rejected.

Dental implants have become one of the world leading forms of tooth replacement as they are very user friendly and have lots of benefits.

The benefits of oral implants

First of all they are the only tooth replacement system that is capable of lasting your entire lifetime. Once your implants are in place as long as you’re taking good care of them, you could well have them for a very long time.

Unlike other systems you’re not going to have the anxiety of them slipping or thinking about having to remove them. Once they’re in, they’re in and you can allow them to work just like your natural teeth.

They are the only system that actually stimulates bone regeneration. This is amazing as it’s going to support your body in keeping the natural teeth you do have left.


One of the most important times during anyone’s dental implant journey are the days and weeks just after surgery. You’re going to want to let the area heal quickly and well and in order to do this there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

First of all give yourself time to relax! Sure you’re going to want to get straight back on the treadmill of life, but taking a couple of days downtime after surgery can really help the site settle.

Don’t run before you can walk. Yoghurt and ice cream are your friends. Toffee, crunchy bread and chewy meat are not. You need the site to relax and putting it under undue stress isn’t going to get you back to tip-top condition any quicker.

Avoid anything that’s going to disrupt the site, this can even be things like saunas, steam rooms and sun beds. Big temperature changes cause blood to rush around the body which you really need to avoid.

Keep your fingers and tongue away from the area. It’s only natural when something hurts to want to put your hand there to soothe it, but again you’ll only be disrupting the site and providing lots of chances for nasty infections to sprout.

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