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You can have straighter teeth with the help of our dentist in Tunbridge Wells

11 August 2022


If you are someone who is living with misaligned teeth then you will be all too aware of the negative effects that crooked teeth can have on a person’s daily life. You may find that your teeth are causing you to live with some level of discomfort every day that you find unacceptable, as your teeth are in positions within the mouth and jaw that are not optimal for their usage. This can make common daily tasks difficult for you.

You may also find that your teeth are hard to keep clean when brushing, as navigating them with a toothbrush may prove difficult and this means that your teeth may not be fully cleaned in an even manner. If you can not clean your teeth thoroughly this may lead to you experiencing a higher number of common dental issues such as tooth decay and plaque build-up, which may be avoidable by having your teeth correctly aligned.

At Woodbury Park Dental we understand that many of our adult patients may have decided not to engage with tooth alignment treatment at an earlier stage in their lives, this may have led them to believe that the opportunity for them to gain straighter teeth has passed them by. We want you to know this is not the case and the first step for you to take to gain straighter teeth is to contact our dentist in Tunbridge Wells.

Understanding the effects of misaligned teeth

Every dentist in Tunbridge Wells understands the effects living with misaligned teeth may have on your day-to-day life and we are willing to help you find a solution that will give you those perfectly aligned teeth that you desire. By doing so the hope is that you gain notable improvements in your oral health and hygiene standards, as well as having a more comfortable way of experiencing life when it relates to the daily functioning of your mouth and teeth when carrying out common tasks such as eating.

One of the benefits you may find you experience by having your teeth straightened is added strength within your bite. Many people who live with crooked teeth often talk about how their bite feels weak when they are chewing and biting into food, tooth straightening treatment can resolve this issue. By strengthening your bite you can experience food in a new way that does not limit you to only eating soft foods.

If you are someone who is living with a minor speech impediment having your teeth correctly aligned may resolve this type of issue for you. It is known that the root cause of many minor stammers and stutters is the alignment of a person’s teeth. By strengthening the teeth the mouth will have the ability to form sounds more easily and this will lead to the development of more fluent speech.

Not what you think

Please put aside the images you may have in your mind of what you believe tooth alignment treatment is, as with modern advances this treatment has moved forward to suit the demands of the modern world. You can now receive a tooth alignment device that will be practically invisible when worn in the mouth. If you wish to find out more all you need to do is contact our dentist in Tunbridge Wells.

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