Your satisfaction through our experience as a dentist in Tunbridge Wells

16 September 2022


Looking for a dentist in Tunbridge Wells? We offer thirty years of dedicated, patient centred, caring and friendly dental service. Since two thousand and eight we have increased our dental practice from three surgeries to four to meet increased demand. When you become a patient of Woodbury Park Dental you will be treated like a member of our family and you will be looked after as we would expect to be looked after.

Your experience is our motivation

A light, bright, airy, spacious modern waiting room and clinical areas are designed to help relax you and make you feel comfortable. For some we understand that a visit to the dental surgery can cause some anxiety. Modern dentistry is constantly finding new ways to help you and we regularly attend training and seminars in a variety of areas to stay up to date on the latest techniques. Providing treatment that is comfortable and stress free is the job of a twenty-first dentist in Tunbridge Wells. We will deliver sedation when a patient requires it and dental science is constantly evolving the dentistry, there are already procedures for filling teeth that do not require drilling. We are motivated  to provide you with the very best treatment available so that your dental experience is positively memorable.

Don’t procrastinate!

We are here to guide and help you to maintain a healthy mouth, but we need you to also play your part and work as part of the team. None of us are the same and we will advise you as to the type of brush and toothpaste that you should use. We will also demonstrate the correct method that you should employ to brush and floss your teeth. Brushing twice a week must be part of your oral care regime as well as visiting us at the surgery at least twice a year. If you adhere to this simple routine you will reduce your number of dental visits to just two a year. The sooner you start the better. If you have children why not give them the gift of retaining their teeth for their lifetime by introducing them to us as young as a few years old. Your actions now will help them to be able to visit the dentist later without any anxiety, because they will become familiar with the dental surgery environment. They will get to know our friendly staff and when their turn to sit in the dentist in Tunbridge Wells chair comes round they will be calm and relaxed.

Our team provides complete dental care

It does not matter what dental procedure you require, our team of dentists and backup staff are fully trained and ready to help you keep your mouth healthy. Let us whiten your teeth or provide you with treatment to straighten your teeth so that you can smile confidently. If you have lost a tooth through decay or an accident we can perform a dental implant to replace your lost tooth. We provide general, cosmetic and a wide variety of complicated and advanced treatments to ensure that your teeth last your lifetime.

Even a little extra

Modern life places additional burdens on our shoulders and sometimes a little wrinkle-correction pampering treatment may be what you need. Our qualified clinicians offer you a variety of options to help you feel and look younger.

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