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Four reasons to visit our dentist in Tunbridge Wells

10 February 2022


Are you experiencing tooth pain? Is your breath starting to smell worse than usual, or are you grinding your teeth? It may be time for you to visit our dentist in Tunbridge Wells!

Do not worry! Here at Woodbury Park Dental, we have a number of different treatments and procedures to help you tackle all kinds of dental problems.

Do you think your teeth are unclean?

There are so many reasons why your teeth might feel dirty or you can see a buildup of plaque and tar. What might have been a nightmare for you once before doesn’t have to be after a quick visit to our dentist in Tunbridge Wells! You no longer have to wear the signs of your coffee love or curry enjoyment like a badge on your teeth, as we offer an airflow cleaning treatment. This treatment works by removing the damaging biofilm that grows below and above your gums, providing you with a more solid basis for good oral health and a bright smile. Using three components of fine powder particles, air and water means that all discolourations and stains can be removed no matter how hard they may be to reach.

Are you missing some teeth?

If you’re missing just one or even multiple teeth, our dentist in Tunbridge Wells offers dental implants! We’ll start by taking a close look at your teeth to inspect for any oral problems or dental decay and take 3D images of your mouth, teeth, and jawbone. Once we’re satisfied that dental implants are suitable for you, we’ll have your implants produced and fitted before you even know it. Dental implants are easy to look after, and just as they’ll look and act exactly like your real teeth, you need to treat them as such! Brushing and flossing are both extremely important.

Are your teeth misaligned?

If your teeth are slightly crooked, your bite does not meet or they’re simply misaligned, here at Woodbury Park Dental, we offer Invisalign! Invisalign aligners are meant to be worn for 20-22 hours a day but can be removed before you eat or clean your teeth, and the average treatment period is around 12 months. Our team at Woodbury Park Dental is here to answer all your questions and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Do you want your teeth to be whiter?

As mentioned above, we’re proud to offer teeth cleanings that may remove the majority of stains on your teeth. In the event that it doesn’t, we also offer a tooth-whitening treatment that can lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades! Gone are the days of worrying about stains caused by coffee and tea. We will apply the whitening gel to your teeth using your preferred method, and the results can last as long as you want if you follow the recommended guidance and take good care of them.

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