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How does your smile make you feel?

17 April 2023


Are you someone who’s always feeling self-conscious about their smile? Do you spend your days covering your mouth and hating photographs? Well, you aren’t alone. Thousands of adults all over the UK reach their mature years feeling less than happy with the look of their smile and unfortunately this is having big impacts on their confidence and wellbeing. But we at Woodbury Park Dental have just the solution – Invisalign in Tunbridge Wells.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign in Tunbridge Wells is the world-leading provider of clear aligner orthodontic treatments. They have shot up in popularity in the last fifteen years or so with the rise of online influencers and a need for a more user-friendly teeth straightening option.

Unlike traditional braces these aligners are totally removable and have a near invisible look which is great for those working in professional roles or customer facing positions too. Come to think of it, it’s a huge benefit for anyone really!

Invisalign works in the same way that wire braces do, through applying pressure to the tooth/teeth that need to be moved, it’s just that the pressure comes from the aligner rather than a wire.

During an Invisalign in Tunbridge Wells treatment programme you’ll be moved through a series of different aligners with our support and guidance along the way. With each new aligner set you’ll see your smile moving that one step closer to the smile you wish for!!

Why Invisalign is worth the investment

At the start of today’s post we asked you how your smile makes you feel and this might be something you’ve never considered before. Possibly you may be aware that you find yourself hiding your smile or avoiding pictures, but have you ever checked in with how doing those things makes you feel?

We lead incredibly busy, stressful lives which require most of our attention and so putting ourselves first is becoming less and less normal. Our staff at Woodbury Park Dental want to address this. Having a smile you are proud of is going to boost your quality of life in hundreds of different ways, some big and some small, but all valid.

Smiles make us happier

The actual act of smiling helps the body to create more happy hormones and signals to the brain. If you’ve stopped yourself doing this out of embarrassment surrounding your teeth you’re going to be affecting your levels of joy throughout the day.

Smiles make us confident

When we smile we feel good and we naturally radiate more confidence! And confident people are more likely to do better at both work and their private lives – there’s research to back this up.

Smiles help our mental health

Self-esteem is one of the most important things you can harness as a human being. Understanding your worth and feeling good in your skin is going to help keep those blue days away and overthinking the look of your smile day in and day out is going to steal precious energy from you that frankly you could put to much better use elsewhere.

Want to know more?

If what we’ve spoken about today feels like it could be in some way related to you, then do get in contact with our team at Woodbury Park Dental! Your Invisalign journey could be starting sooner than you think!

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