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Why visit the dentist in Tunbridge Wells?

16 June 2022


Here at Woodbury Park Dental, we combine preventive care with a great choice of treatments to help our patients get that all important winning smile. Preventive care is all about taking such good care of the teeth and gums that any intervention needed is kept to an absolute minimum. For patients who need a little extra assistance in getting their smile up to scratch, we have solutions that can be tailored to suit on an individual basis.


We encourage all our patients to visit us, the dentist in Tunbridge Wells, for regular check-ups. We conduct an examination of the teeth and gums to check for issues such as the initial signs of a cavity or the beginnings of gum disease. This allows us to treat the patient before any of these issues cause discomfort or any other difficulties such as damage to the teeth or bad breath.

We also perform routine checks for the early signs of oral cancer. This is very important as the earlier any lesions or sores are identified, the easier it is for us to provide treatment. If treatment is given in the initial stages, then we can significantly reduce the risk of cancer progressing or spreading to other parts of the body.


Check-ups with the dentist in Tunbridge Wells should include a thorough professional clean, or scale and polish as it is also known. This gives us the opportunity to remove any residual plaque that the patient has not been able to remove with routine brushing at home. This reduces the risk of cavities and damage to the teeth and gums that can develop when plaque is allowed to linger.


Most people know that the teeth should be brushed twice a day, but many are unsure of the best technique to use. We offer practical advice on how best to brush and floss and can give guidance on the most appropriate tools to use on an individual basis.

Setting an example

For those who are parents, visiting the dentist regularly to maintain oral health is a great example to set for children. Children who see their parents going for a check-up are much less likely to be nervous about attending their own appointments. They also learn that it is an important part of being a responsible adult to look after the teeth and gums and are more likely to adopt similar habits themselves as they grow up.

Improve the smile

Coming to see us is not just about ensuring that the teeth and gums are in good health, it also affords the patient an opportunity to find ways to improve their smile. If cleaning at home and having a regular scale and polish does not quite achieve the white bright smile that is desired, then it might be worth talking to us about a whitening treatment. For patients who have always wanted to have their teeth straightened but did not get the opportunity in their youth, we offer a range of solutions that can deliver the smile they have always wanted. They can choose from treatments such as traditional braces, Invisalign and even veneers.

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